Frequently Asked Questions

– I just updated to iOS7 and I don’t hear my voice in the microphone.
Go to Setting->Privacy->Microphone and enable Yokee app.
– Songs are loading slow or not loading at all.
Songs are streamed from YouTube and its load time depends on two things: (1) YouTube (2) Your internet connection speed. Unfortunately we don’t have any control on any of the above. If you experience slow load time, it is recommended that you reboot your device and check your internet speed.
– I don’t hear my voice in the microphone.
Please close the app and open again.
– How do I delete a recorded song?
Swipe left the recorded song cell, then click ‘Delete’
– My voice isn’t recorded.
Please make sure to use headphones
– I bought a recording pack but didn’t receive save recording credits.
Please contact us our support @
– How can I see how many save recording credits I still have?
We will prompt that each time you save a song
– I completed an offer but didn’t receive coins.
Please contact us our support @
– How do I reboot my device?
Press and hold the Home button (big circle below the screen) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the iPhone) simultaneously for 15-60 seconds.
– How do I close and re-open the app?
(1) Double Tap the Home Button from the app screen.
(2) Find the app that you would like to close and Tap and Hold on it.
(3) Tap the Red circle in the top left of the app that you wants to close.
– How do I play Yokee on my Apple TV?
Unfortunately we currently don’t support Apple TV. We will add this asap.

Do you have any additional questions? We’ve got answers! Just shoot us an email at